Center for Disaster Philanthropy

October 2012 – Present

Center for Disaster Philanthropy

The Purpose

In the wake of disasters at a scale never before seen, donor generosity is reaching record amounts — but giving is often based on emotion, impulse, and limited information. The Center for Disaster Philanthropy is a nationwide resource for the philanthropic community that provides strategies, education, and funding opportunities that are timely, relevant, and thoughtful to increase donor impact throughout the lifecycle of domestic and global disasters.

Strengthening the Impact

The Patterson Foundation strengthens the Center for Disaster Philanthropy’s efforts to be a resource to the philanthropic community by connecting the organization with others and by  providing capacity-building support that enhances the organization’s ability to provide timely and relevant advice from experts with deep knowledge of disaster philanthropy.


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Why does The Patterson Foundation work with Center for Disaster Philanthropy?

The interest in working with CDP grew out of TPF’s observation that when disasters occur, donors and funders often make emotional versus intellectual decisions. CDP is focused on helping donors and funders make educated decisions about contributing after a disaster.

How has The Patterson Foundation supported Center for Disaster Philanthropy?

TPF has supported CDP by connecting it to other foundations and TPF partners, by sharing the work of CDP on social media and in other forms of communication, by strengthening its operations through a series of match-funding opportunities, and by helping CDP develop a robust earned-income model.

What does Center for Disaster Philanthropy do?

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy has three primary areas of activity: 1) Provide educational and informational resources to help donors better understand what to do with their disaster giving; 2) Bring donors together to collaborate, coordinate, and leverage their giving impact; and 3) Consult directly with foundations and corporations on such things as strategic plans and disaster giving strategies.

What aspect of a disaster is the focus for Center for Disaster Philanthropy funds?

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy prioritizes its work on the recovery and risk reduction phases of disasters.

Who can I contact about the Center for Disaster Philanthropy initiative?

For more information, contact Center for Disaster Philanthropy initiative consultant Michael Corley:
Effective Disaster Philanthropy: Partnering for Recovery & Resilience
(total time: 11 minutes)

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