• Shared Aspirations: Who & What

    Shared Aspirations: Who & What

The Patterson Foundation works to strengthen people, organizations, and communities. By engaging people, businesses, nonprofits, government, and media around shared aspirations, The Patterson Foundation fosters wide participation to move the needle on issues that impact all of us.

Aspirations to Actions

The power of a community exists in its people. Aspirations to Actions works to provide new ways to build trust through personal development, active engagement, and shared aspirations. By investing in building connective tissue, Aspirations to Actions helps people drive positive change at home, at work, and in the community.


Digital Access for All

Creating greater access to technology has emerged as an aspiration with broad potential for its work in philanthropy. To pursue this aspiration, The Patterson Foundation created its Digital Access for All initiative, which explores the efforts of multiple sectors working to enhance access to technology that connects people in ways that foster inclusion and well-being. Explore Digital Access for All endeavors:


Grade-Level Reading

Research shows that reading proficiency by the end of third grade is one of the most important predictors of continued success. Throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada, there is a movement bringing together the collective resources of foundations, nonprofit partners, government agencies, states, and hundreds of communities helping children from birth through 3rd grade, especially those from asset-limited families, succeed in life by ensuring they read on grade level. This movement, led by the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, focuses on key solutions that impact a child’s ability to read while strengthening support for children and families:

As a four-county region, the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading works toward the goals of this movement in The Patterson Foundation’s home region of Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties.


Strengthening Nonprofits

Approaching its work as a catalyst for good, The Patterson Foundation is focused on strengthening nonprofits by connecting them with resources and platforms to learn, share, and build capacity in ways that evolve their philanthropic missions and the good they create. This work manifests through strategies like catalytic match opportunities, along with opportunities to explore thrivable operating models and collaborate with partners working toward the same aspirations.



From a catastrophic storm to an unpaid bill for a family working to make ends meet, people routinely face unforeseen challenges that affect their well-being. Understanding that disaster takes many forms, The Patterson Foundation works to create outcomes that strengthen communities recovering from challenging circumstances. To guide these efforts, the Foundation connects with global networks evolving the philanthropic sector’s approach to disaster recovery and community movements working to strengthen people and families.




The Patterson Foundation capitalizes on methods to refocus efforts toward lasting impact.

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Engaging all stakeholders — CEO/ED, board, staff, donors, and volunteers. 
When we understand the "Why," we embrace the "How" and the "What."

Internal Stakeholders CEO ED
Internal Stakeholders Board
Internal Stakeholders Staff
Internal Stakeholders Donors
Internal Stakeholders Volunteers


Working together with people, businesses, nonprofits, government,
and the media to rethink obstacles and explore solutions

External Stakeholders People
External Stakeholders Businesses
External Stakeholders NonProfits
External Stakeholders Government
External Stakeholders Media



Rather than arriving with the answer, The Patterson Foundation believes that people, organizations and communities are the best architects for their own future. The Foundation collaborates with these groups to strengthen efforts toward achieving shared aspirations.

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Guided by individual values, experiences, and expertise, people engage in the world beyond themselves to create positives.


Organizations are collectives — each with a mission focus to build a vibrant society.


Through the collaborative efforts of people, businesses, nonprofits, government, and the media, we can achieve greater impact toward community thrivability.



The Phases of Disaster Recovery

The Patterson Foundation understands that the recovery process following a disaster or unexpected challenge includes three distinct phases:
Cope → Adapt → Innovate.

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Following a disaster or unexpected challenge, we first focus on ensuring our safety and addressing the immediate needs essential to survival.


Getting accustomed to the reality of living with the situation, we adopt new systems and methods to create stability.


Using imagination combined with a possibility mindset, we discover fresh ways to live, work, and play.


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