Dorothy Patterson Fund

Fund established August 2014

Dorothy Patterson Fund

The Purpose

Honoring Dorothy Patterson’s hometown, the Dorothy Patterson Fund is a $1 million endowment at the New York Community Trust that assists organizations serving those less fortunate in Ossining, New York.

Strengthening the Impact

The Patterson Foundation contributed a one-time gift to create an endowment to fund and honor organizations in Ossining, New York, where Dorothy grew up. The Westchester Community Foundation, which is a division of The New York Community Trust and has a 40-year history serving Ossining, conducts informed grantmaking on behalf of those less fortunate.


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Why did The Patterson Foundation establish this fund?

The Dorothy Patterson Fund pays tribute to the Patterson family’s history. During the 10 years when Dorothy was active with The Patterson Foundation, she did not direct any of the Foundation’s largest funding toward Ossining. But because it was her hometown, The Patterson Foundation deemed it appropriate to make this one-time gift to create an endowment fund in Dorothy’s honor and the place where she grew up.

Who was Dorothy Patterson?

Dorothy Patterson is the founder and benefactor of The Patterson Foundation, which she established in 1997. Born in Ossining, New York, Dorothy Patterson’s generosity, which is well documented in her pivotal role in creating The Patterson Foundation, developed during her early years there. She was an active supporter of her local church and selflessly provided goods to those less fortunate. She was equally concerned with her family’s wellbeing.

Upon her death in 2007, Dorothy left generous bequests to her relatives while transferring the remainder of her estate to the corpus of The Patterson Foundation. Acts like these illustrate Dorothy as a person who, while wealthy, never felt entitled to her fortune and used it in ways that benefited others

How are organizations considered for funding through the Dorothy Patterson Fund?

The Westchester Community Foundation, a division of The New York Community Trust, administers a competitive grantmaking process.

Who can I contact about the Dorothy Patterson Fund?

For more information about this past initiative, contact Michael Corley, Senior Consultant for TPF Administration:

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