• The Journey: Why & How

    The Journey: Why & How

Although much of The Patterson Foundation’s efforts in philanthropy are focused on strengthening Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties, with 70 percent of the Foundation’s funds staying within this four-county region, The Patterson Foundation’s approach to philanthropy works beyond traditional geographic boundaries, tapping into expansive networks and movements working toward shared aspirations.

The Patterson Foundation learns insights and best practices from these broader networks, which are applied to strengthen initiatives locally. Furthermore, these new networks serve as a conduit to other people, organizations, and communities around the world working toward these same goals. Connecting these initiatives to broader networks creates new opportunities to share innovations and learnings developed in The Patterson Foundation’s home region far and wide. Collectively, the overall movement generates lasting impact regionally, nationally, and globally.

Learn more about our approach to philanthropy here.

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