Clawback Recovery Challenge

October 2013 – September 2014

Clawback Recovery Challenge

The Purpose

Through no fault of their own, several organizations in Sarasota County, Florida, were unexpectedly affected by a clawback of funds. The Clawback Recovery Challenge helped those organizations raise funds through a recovery plan without disrupting their vital work in the community.

Strengthening the Impact

The Patterson Foundation worked with Girls Inc. of Sarasota County, Jewish Family & Children’s Service of the Suncoast, the Sarasota Opera, and the Diocese of Venice in Florida, matching up to $640,000 in donations made to these organizations to help them recover. Each organization created a recovery plan developed in collaboration with The Patterson Foundation, but all share a common goal: to continue providing the indispensable services they deliver to the community.


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Why did The Patterson Foundation support this initiative?

Through no fault of their own these organizations were affected by a clawback of funds. The Patterson Foundation inspired giving through a match and strengthened each organization’s capacity to recover funds without disruption to the services they provide to the community.

What was the impact of The Patterson Foundation’s support?

With the help of the clawback recovery challenge and TPF's match:
  • Girls Inc. of Sarasota County recovered a total of $100,000
  • Jewish Family & Children’s Service of the Suncoast recovered a total of $140,000
  • Sarasota Opera House recovered a total of $514,382
  • Diocese of Venice in Florida recovered a total of $220,230

Who can I contact about the Clawback Recovery Challenge initiative?

For more information about the Clawback Recovery Challenge initiative, contact Roxanne Joffe, The Patterson Foundation’s lead strategic communications consultant at MagnifyGood:

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