Photo:  Hannah Saeger Karnei, Inaugural TPF Fellow
Photo: THE POWER OF PRESENCE in the time of COVID-19 with Joy Thomas Moore
Photo: All Fellows meeting 2023
Photo: TPF Fellows Hannah Saeger Karnei, John Ferguson, and Abby Rolland
TPF Beyond


TPF Beyond

Who is TPF Beyond?

To Propel Fellows Beyond (TPFB) is a community of possibilitarians consisting of current, past and incoming individuals in The Patterson Foundation Fellows Program. Brought together by a common commitment to our values and goals, The Patterson Foundation Fellows are a diverse group of individuals striving to create the future as we imagine it can be. Focused on possibilities, we work individually and collectively to advance philanthropic leadership and philanthropy as a sector. Knowing each Fellow brings their own unique skills and strengths, all Fellows are open to learning, growing, evolving and stretching in pursuit of a more inclusive and vibrant world.

Values and Guiding Principles

Knowing our differences create our strength, The Patterson Foundation Fellows will strive to embody the values illustrated here through the fellowship and into their future endeavors. 

Fellows work with others to strengthen their impact by: 

  • Being accessible and engaged with current, past, and future Fellows
  • Striving to learn as we collaborate regardless of current roles
  • Engaging with TPF leadership and staff to add value

Fellows believe meaningful change requires commitment and persistence. We encourage this by:

  • Seeking new ideas and building connective tissue beyond the current network
  • Pursuing positions in forward-thinking organizations
  • Undertaking philanthropic work in innovative ways
  • Celebrating progress while still investing for long-term impact

Fellows invest for lasting impact by:

  • Committing to deep, lasting relationships with current, past, and future Fellows
  • Recruiting and supporting future Fellows
  • Advocating for and mentoring current and past Fellows
  • Pursuing leadership roles

Commitment to Inclusivity

When we are all alike, it is impossible to grow. TPF Beyond is committed to fostering a community within and a world outside that actively improves in areas historically weak in inclusion or unequal in power balance. Regardless of race, gender, sex, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability TPF Beyond strives to welcome all, value all, and advocate for a more just world.

Current Fellows

Launched Fellows

Through illuminating examples, three TPF Fellows share humbling moments of growth while striving to create the future they imagine with the support of their TPF family.
(total time: 19 minutes)

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