Center for Disaster Philanthropy Videos

What is the Center for Disaster Philanthropy?

Regine A. Webster, vice president and founding executive director of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP), explains what CDP does, what makes the organization unique and how we're transforming the field of disaster philanthropy.

(March 2019; total time: 2 minutes)

Voices of Recovery: Funding with an Equity Lens after Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey devastated communities across the Texas Gulf Coast, forcing 780,000 Texans to evacuate. Now, nearly two years later, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy is still working to support equitable recovery in Texas.

(August 2019; total time: 5 minutes)

Voices of Recovery: Hurricane Harvey Long-Term Recovery

Hear from people who courageously face the challenges of ongoing recovery every day and learn how CDP grantmaking from the Hurricane Harvey Recovery Fund is supporting their work.

(July 2019; total time: 5 minutes)

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