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John T. Berteau Opportunity Endowment Fund


John T. Berteau Opportunity Endowment Fund

The Purpose

John T. Berteau is the founding Chair and Chair Emeritus of The Patterson Foundation's Governing Board. In 1997, the foundation came into existence as a unique force for good in the Suncoast region of Florida and worldwide.

In honor of John's service, The Patterson Foundation has established the John T. Berteau Opportunity Endowment Fund. This life-changing scholarship will help students attend Asheville School.

Strengthening the Impact

Every four years, an incoming freshman may apply. Selection is based on financial need and exceptional academic and leadership qualities as determined by Asheville School's Admission Office. The recipient shall model sound judgment, good character, integrity, and intellectual curiosity.

During Mr. Berteau’s youth, a generous supporter paved the way for him to thrive at Asheville School. As the gift from young John's benefactor helped build a remarkable leader, this one-time, $1.5 million endowment will open doors for generations of future leaders.



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Why does The Patterson Foundation support this endowment?

The Patterson Foundation invests in lasting impact by:
  • Managing assets responsibly
  • Realizing real change requires depth of resources
  • Focusing on shared aspirations while leveraging resources
This one-time, $1.5 million endowment provides an opportunity for asset-limited students seeking brighter futures for themselves through education.

What is Asheville School?

Asheville School is a private, coeducational, college-preparatory boarding school in Asheville, North Carolina, founded in 1900. The campus sits on 300 acres amid the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains and, in 2020, enrolled 295 students in grades nine through twelve. On an annual basis, roughly one-third of Asheville students receive financial aid. The school receives more requests for aid than it can currently accommodate.

Learn more about Asheville School.

What are the requirements of a scholarship recipient?

The scholarship recipient shall:
  • Write an annual letter to The Patterson Foundation sharing how the student has expanded their horizons over the academic year as a result of attending Asheville School.
  • As appropriate, mentor younger students while attending school and after graduation to pay forward the educational experience at Asheville School.
  • Remain in good academic standing for four years.
  • Plan for a future rich in opportunity through higher education or career development programs.

When will the first scholarship be awarded?

The first scholarship will be awarded for academic year 2021-2022.

How are the scholarship recipients selected?

Selection is based on financial need and exceptional academic and leadership qualities as determined by Asheville School's Admission Office. The Patterson Foundation is not involved in the selection of scholarship recipients.

What if the scholarship recipient doesn’t remain in good standing?

In the event the scholarship recipient is unable to complete a full four-year term, the funds may be given to another student who meets the criteria, not limited to an incoming freshman.

How much support does the scholarship provide?

The John T. Berteau Opportunity Endowment Fund will provide up to 98% of the total cost of attendance for four years.

Who can I contact about this endowment?

For more information on the scholarship or Asheville school, please visit their website.

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