Giving Challenge

March 2012 – Present

Giving Challenge

The Purpose

The Giving Challenge is a 24-hour giving event supporting more than 700 nonprofits serving Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties in Florida. Since 2012, donors have provided more than $40 million in unrestricted funding to support nonprofits listed on The Giving Partner.


Strengthening the Impact

The Patterson Foundation supports strengthened giving during the Giving Challenge by providing matching challenges and prizes that encourage people to be generous. Past matches have encouraged nonprofits to cultivate new and existing donors during the challenge and beyond.


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Why does The Patterson Foundation support this initiative?

Building awareness about The Giving Partner and encouraging its use strengthens philanthropy in our region by helping donors make informed decisions. The Giving Challenge encourages contributions to organizations listed on The Giving Partner by offering incentives and other benefits to donors and citizen philanthropists over a 24-hour period. Both are useful donor development tools that complement other nonprofit fundraising efforts, furthering the idea that anyone can be a philanthropist.

What is the impact of The Patterson Foundation’s support of the Giving Challenge?

January 2020 – The Patterson Foundation announced a 1:1 match for all unique donations — up to $100 per donor, per nonprofit organization — in addition to $51,000 in prizes for nonprofit organizations that cultivate the highest number of unique donors.

May 2018 – The Patterson Foundation’s match for unique donations strengthened nonprofit outreach and donor engagement prior to and during the Giving Challenge, generating more than $5 million in matching dollars. The match strengthened the Giving Challenge’s $11.7 million total raised in 24 hours.

September 2016 – The Patterson Foundation provided $7.5 million in matching funds for both returning and new donors, contributing to the $13.4 million raised for local nonprofits.

September 2015 – The Patterson Foundation provided $2.9 million to match new online donations, contributing to a total of nearly $6.7 million raised by the community for area nonprofits — the highest grossing Giving Day in Florida's history.

May 2014 – The Patterson Foundation announced $450,000 to match new or increased donations, up to $1,000 per person per organization. The community raised $3.1 million for area nonprofits.

March 2013 – The Patterson Foundation announced $430,000 to match new or increased donations. The community raised $2.7 million for area nonprofits.

March 2012 – The Patterson Foundation announced $300,000 in matching funds to inspire generosity. The community raised $2.4 million.

What is the Giving Challenge’s total impact to date?

Between 2012–2018, local nonprofits raised more than $40 million, including The Patterson Foundation’s match funds, through the Giving Challenge.

What has The Patterson Foundation contributed to the Giving Challenge to date?

The Patterson Foundation has provided more than $16 million to the Giving Challenge to date through matching donations and other donor incentives.

Who can I contact about the Giving Challenge?

For more information about the Giving Challenge's annual event, contact the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.

For more information about the Giving Challenge initiative, contact initiative consultant Michael Corley:
For 24 hours during the Giving Challenge, our community's generosity came to life through dozens of events and celebrations
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