Age-Friendly Sarasota Videos

See and hear from some of the people involved with this important age-friendly work as they speak about the age-friendly movement, Age-Friendly Sarasota, and the latest progress.

Age-Friendly Festival Highlights

Offering a multitude of ways to "enjoy, experience, and energize," the Age-Friendly Festival filled the Robarts Arena, the Ken Clark Auditorium, the Potter Building and outdoor areas of the Sarasota Fairgrounds with its diverse activities on Saturday, October 28, 2017. Spirited volunteers — 140 strong and a vital part of the festival team — were involved in all aspects, adding to the vibrancy of the day!

(October 2017, total time: 9 minutes)

Age-Friendly Florida

Attendees of the September 2016 Age-Friendly Florida Sharing Symposium speak about the longevity revolution and how Age-Friendly Florida’s communities are coming together to plan for our collective future.

(February 2017; total time: 3 minutes 18 seconds)

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