The Bay Videos

TPF Accelerates Support for The Bay with up to $4 Million Matching Challenge to Raise $24 Million

The foundation is continuing its support for The Bay by committing up to $4 million in matching funds to catalyze private donations toward completing Phase 1 of The Bay's master plan.

(July 2021; total time: 3 minutes)

The Patterson Foundation Phase 1 Support of The Bay

The Patterson Foundation is continuing its support of the Bay Park Conservancy’s process with up to $5 million for operations and Phase 1 of the master plan, which will result in the creation of a 10-acre community park.

(May 2019; total time: 5 minutes 41 seconds)

The Bay Progress: We've Come a Long Way

AG Lafley and Bill Waddill review the progress made in 2019 and the current progress with the opening of the new Fountain Garden.

(January 2020; total time: 3 minutes)

The Bay: Phase 1 Approval

On Monday, Sept. 16, 2019, following a two-hour hearing, the Sarasota City Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of Phase 1 of The Bay. This approval is a green light for the development of nearly ten-acres of the 53-acres of city-owned Bayfront property.

(September 2019; total time: 8 minutes 19 seconds)

Learn about Phase 1 of The Bay

Watch Gina Ford and Susannah Ross walk through the process they have undertaken to develop Phase 1 of The Bay Park.

(June 2019; total time: 7 minutes 47 seconds)

The Chair: The Bay

Sarasota County Commission Chair, Chris D. Hines, talks with Mayor Liz Alpert and Managing Director of The Bay, Bill Waddell, to bring viewers up to date on the vision and plan for the fifty-three acres of Sarasota’s Bayfront.

(January 2019; total time: 22 minutes)

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