Early Learning Matters

March 2015 Campaign for Grade-Level Reading Learning and Sharing Session

  1. Kids learn to read by 3rd grade, they read to learn starting in 4th Early Learning Matters! #GLReading
  2. By 5th grade, there is a 2.5-3 yr learning gap btwn high & low income kids #GLReading
  3. Nationally only 15% of children who receive free and reduced lunch during school year have access to those meals during summer #GLReading
  4. Asthma is #1 reason for chronic school absence #GLReading
  5. "Problems can become opportunities when the right people come together." Robert South #GLReading
  6. Average child hears 16,000 words per day...low income children fall short #GLReading
  7. Quality Instruction Matters in early learning with high quality instruction in with caring and nurturing teachers. #GLReading
  8. A teacher makes all the difference, parents are the first teacher...talk, sing, read from birth #GLReading
  9. "Low income children have few, if any, age appropriate books in their homes..." #GLReading #economicsmatter
  10. Learn more about closing the 30 million word gap faced by low income children:  http://tinyurl.com/okexv4p  #GLReading