Grade-Level Reading: "More Hopeful Futures" Convening -- Washington, DC -April 6, 2016

A Grade-Level Reading convening of funders and leaders from 40 communities in 8 states to learn from and with each other to strengthen existing work in school readiness, summer learning and attendance by focusing on health determinants of early school success and the role of parents.

  1. Talking with #morehopefulfutures #GLReading team to get early learning and pediatric health out of silos.
  2. The “CASE” method? Copy & steal everything that works ... And give credit. @WSerrata #glreading #morehopefulfutures
  3. Parents are "secret sauce" to the work of getting children to read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade. #MoreHopefulFutures @readingby3rd
  4. Using intentional serendipity 2 weave parents, Drs, & community 2 improve #Medicaid possibilities #morehopefulfutures @DavidWi91561240
  5. Using data purposefully while engaging people, business, Govt, nonprofit & media can de-silo for greater impact. #morehopefulfutures
  6. Never underestimate the aspirations of parents for their child #2gen #morehopefulfutures