FCOA Innovations Summit Explores Florida's Aging Trends and Opportunities

The Florida Council on Aging's 2015 Innovations Summit featured presentations showcasing fresh approaches to aging statewide. Kathy Black shared Age-Friendly Sarasota's intergenerational concept as a model for communities striving to become more livable for all ages.

  1. Rather than "awfulize" aging, let's be excited about the possibilities #agefriendly #FLInnovate
  2. Mary Furlong notes Washington DC sees "aging" as a liability while Silicon Valley sees it as an opportunity...let's capitalize! #FLInnovate
  3. Great point from #FLInnovate: not about aging, but about longevity. Which is all of us.
  4. Encore Tampa Bay's Bevan Gray-Rogel: Boomers "want to get off the gerbil wheel and do something that matters." #flinnovate @HeraldTribune
  5. For success, "change the pronouns"...about us, not we or them #FLInnovate