Exponent Philanthropy 2016 National Conference - Day 1

A better world through informed, passionate philanthropy.

  1. Love this from Colleen O'Keefe at Sauer Children's Renew Fdn -learning from a listening tour  http://ow.ly/fLCJ304zlcx  #ExPhil16 #Philanthropy
  2. Miguel Milanes @ Allegany Franciscian Ministries says the best grantmaking goes beyond the transactional #EXPHIL16
  3. #exphil16 "being a funder requires corrective lenses". "We need a strong understanding of the people we are affecti…  https://twitter.com/i/web/status/780451225246441472 
  4. Deep vulnerability from @Berman_Henry of @exponentphil at #EXPHIL16 about his own understanding of his bias and privilege and changing.
  5. Don't just invest in the community. Be invested IN the community. Wisdom from @Berman_Henry at #EXPHIL16.
  6. It is so much more than $ that foundations bring 2 the table of change...it starts with not arriving with the answer #ExPhil16
  7. Talking TRUST with Colleen O'Keefe. Going beyond transactional grantmaking #EXPHIL16
  8. #EXPHIL16 good to great session motivations: more proactive less reactive, how to follow a rich legacy and respect what has been done
  9. Colleen O’Keefe on power dynamics in philanthropy: I had to change how I came into [grantees'] space; I had to come alongside them #ExPhil16
  10. Qualities that build trust: Honesty, integrity, consistency, accountability, letting someone look into your own heart #ExPhil16