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The Patterson Foundation Matches $185,504 in Nonprofit Earned-Income Business Startup Investments

December 04, 2023
SARASOTA, Fla. (Nov. 30, 2023) — The Patterson Foundation has matched $185,504 total in investments into four earned-income business plans created by regional nonprofits participating in its Margin & Mission Ignition endeavor. The matches strengthened fundraising efforts toward the startup costs of the earned income business plans developed by each organization through Margin & Mission Ignition, a 30-month process to help nonprofits build organizational capacity, boost revenue, and strengthen mission impact.

The Patterson Foundation created Margin & Mission Ignition in 2015 to help nonprofits in our region adopt and implement earned-income business strategies, giving them the opportunity to build entrepreneurial capacity and generate revenue that increases their opportunities to serve the community. No Margin, No Mission, a social enterprise and national consulting firm engaged by The Patterson Foundation, provides extensive guidance to each participating organization throughout the 30-month process as they create and launch a new or expanded revenue stream aligned with their mission and work.

“The ingenuity interwoven throughout all four of these earned income business plans is a reflection of each organization’s commitment to strengthening their capacity to serve our region for the long-term,” said Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation. “Their entrepreneurial spirit inspired investors to fund the creation of revenue streams that can help sustain their operations and ability to do more good for more of us.”

The matches covered up to 50 percent of the startup costs outlined in each organization’s earned income business plan, which catalyzed investments from other donors. Through these investments, the four participating organizations were able to launch or expand the following services:

Art Center Sarasota: Launched an affordable facilities rental venture to boost the organization’s revenue and increase mission impact. For those seeking small to medium-sized facilities near downtown Sarasota along the bay with ample parking, Arts Center Sarasota’s four galleries set around a center atrium, sculpture garden, and a lighted patio under an oak canopy, create flexible and unique settings for 50-200+ guests.

Beyond the Spectrum: Launched the H.I.V.E., or Helping Individuals through Vocation and Enrichment, a program with two divisions serving young adults’ complex abilities and needs: Education for Employment and Mission-Powered Enrichment. The two distinct divisions will support employability-driven adults through adaptive vocational training lessons and adults with more complex needs through inclusive day activities and outings.

NAMI-Sarasota/Manatee: Launched P.E.E.R., or (Purposely Enriching Education Recovery) Training Program, a start-to-finish program that includes all the necessary education, on-the-job hours, one-on-one supervision and coaching required for peer specialists to achieve their certification and meeting the Florida Certification Board standards. Peer specialists can help address professional shortages in the workforce, reduce depression, improve physical health outcomes, and empower people to better engage in their care.

Sarasota Opera: Launched an effort to increase the income earned from its Sarasota Opera Costume Studio and its 2019 acquisition of nearly 50,000 costumes from Malabar, Ltd., a leading opera costume rental house. Added to existing stock, the Sarasota Opera Costume Studio is now uniquely poised to become the most significant resource of opera and other costumes ranging in period from the Roman era to the 20th century on the continent.

Margin & Mission Ignition is part of The Patterson Foundation’s Nonprofit Thrivability initiative. This initiative connects nonprofits with expertise and resources to learn concepts such as strategic decision-making while adopting and implementing entrepreneurial principles to generate enough revenue to support and eventually grow their operations.

Visit thepattersonfoundation.org to learn more about Margin & Mission Ignition, or join the conversation using #TPFMarginMission on social media.

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