Patriot Plaza Key Features

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, along with The Patterson Foundation, its volunteer construction and art advisory groups, and paid architecture, design, art, and legal professionals poured over countless hours of concepts and details to ensure Patriot Plaza’s excellence.

The Patterson Foundation donated the facility to the National Cemetery Administration and has endowed its upkeep for future generations.

Patriot Plaza Key Features

Here are 10 key features of Patriot Plaza (numbers correspond to locations on the map):

(1) Glass Covering

A 20,800-sq.ft. glass covering made from 792 glass panels

(2) Covered Seating

Covered seating for 2,800 people

(3) Walkways and Gathering Areas

48,000 square feet of walkways and gathering areas

(4) Flagpole

80-foot-tall stainless steel flagpole

(5) Rostrum

Rostrum the size of one-and-a-half tennis courts and seats a 55-piece orchestra

(6) “Witness to Mission”

Commissioned art — 22 white marble plinths with photographs from the civil war to the modern era

(7) “Testimonies”

Commissioned art — 16 white marble tablets with engravings and glass-printed photographs

(8) “Night to Day, Here and Away”

Commissioned art — Mosaic rostrum mural and pair of spires

(9) “Guardian Eagles”

Commissioned art — Stately bronze eagles flanking the west entrance

(10) “Home”

Commissioned art — Bronze eagles in their nests

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