• Strengthening the Impact

    Strengthening the Impact

    The Patterson Foundation strengthens the efforts of people, organizations, and communities by focusing on issues
    that address mutual aspirations, foster wide participation, and encourage learning and sharing.


The Journey: Why & How

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Shared Aspirations: Who & What

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DeSoto Digest Newsletter

DeSoto Digest Newsletter

The Patterson Foundation has launched the DeSoto Digest. This newsletter is available in digital and print and aims to showcase the work of TPF initiatives. It also highlights how residents can participate in community-building activities and spotlights the action steps that community members are taking to create a positive future. The newsletter primarily focuses on sharing the following:

  • Action being taken by community members within the eight themes as identified through Aspirations to Actions
  • Updates regarding The Harwood Institute’s work in DeSoto County
  • Opportunities to participate and engage with the work TPF is doing in DeSoto County through its various initiatives (e.g., Suncoast Remake Learning Days, Digital Access For All’s Gap work)
  • The work of other funders in DeSoto

This newsletter will promote widespread participation and engagement by sharing information about community developments.

Do you have an idea or story to share with the DeSoto County community? Contact AspirationstoActions@thepattersonfoundation.org