HundredX Pilot Project


HundredX Pilot Project

The Purpose

With traditional funding at risk, nonprofit organizations desiring financial thrivability are exploring ways to convert existing assets into revenue-producing products or services. One such asset for a nonprofit is its relationship with its stakeholders. HundredX's Express Feedback for Good™ program offers nonprofit organizations a nontraditional way to diversify and maximize donor engagement and activation. To participate in the program, nonprofits engage their stakeholders by inviting them to provide quick, valuable feedback on well-known brands. The participating organizations generate funding each time a stakeholder provides qualifying feedback through the program

Strengthening the Impact

The Patterson Foundation has engaged No Margin, No Mission to provide weekly consulting support to a group of regional nonprofits leveraging Express Feedback for Good™ to generate revenue. The foundation is offering this opportunity to organizations that previously worked within its Nonprofit Thrivability initiative to explore how this might evolve into a proven model that additional nonprofits in the region can use.


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What is HundredX and its Express Feedback for Good™ program?

HundredX is a mission-based data and analytics company. In its desire to help nonprofit organizations within its business model, HundredX created the Express Feedback for Good™ program. Through the program, nonprofit organizations can receive compensation by inviting stakeholders to answer a brief series of strategic questions to aid consumer research.

What is the HundredX pilot project?

The Patterson Foundation has created a pilot project to connect regional nonprofits with HundredX's Express Feedback for Good™ program. As a pilot, The Patterson Foundation is exploring if it can create a model that funders and nonprofit organizations may use to generate new revenue streams.

Why does The Patterson Foundation support this opportunity?

The Patterson Foundation believes that every person can be a philanthropist and that every nonprofit has assets that can and should be converted into revenue-producing products or services. HundredX’s Express Feedback for Good™ program harnesses this potential by giving stakeholders the power to drive donations to nonprofits through their contributions of time in providing valuable insight for brand research. The program teaches nonprofit organizations to diversify and maximize donor engagement and activation.

How do nonprofits get involved?

Because The Patterson Foundation aspires to create a replicable model that more funders and nonprofits may use, this is being approached as a pilot project offered to organizations that previously worked within the Nonprofit Thrivability initiative. At the conclusion of this pilot project in late April 2021, The Patterson Foundation will evaluate whether to expand this opportunity to additional nonprofit organizations.

What organizations have been involved in the project?

Who is No Margin, No Mission?

No Margin, No Mission is a national consulting practice that has partnered with The Patterson Foundation since 2013 to strengthen nonprofits on Florida’s Suncoast. No Margin, No Mission’s Managing Partners and Principals, Michael Oxman and Larry Clark, are thought-leaders and experts in nonprofit thrivability who have worked with organizations across the country to help boost their entrepreneurial capacity, revenue, and mission impact.

Who can I contact about the HundredX pilot project?

For more information, contact senior consultant Michael Corley:

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