Fellowship Program

The Five Cs

Recently, TPF Fellows Kellie Alexander, Rachel Hettinger, Connor LaGrange, and Michael Zimmerman zoomed with Debra Jacobs to discuss how they see The Five Cs come alive. Each of the four Fellows brings unique perspectives and tremendous stories of real life Caring, Connecting, Collaborating, Contributing, and Creating.

(August 2022; total time: 22.5 minutes)

TPF’s CLSES with Debra Jacobs and TPF Fellows

President/CEO Debra Jacobs and TPF Fellows, John Ferguson, Connor LaGrange, and Michael Zimmerman discuss one of The Patterson Foundation’s concepts—CLSES: Connecting, Learning, Sharing, Evolving, and Strengthening.

(December 2021; total time: 26 minutes)

TPF / IUPUI Fellows Program

In this 4-minute video, Inaugural TPF Fellow Hannah Saeger Karnei, TPF Fellow 2020/21 Abby Rolland, and TPF Fellow 2020/21 John Ferguson share a glimpse into how the Fellows Program helped them evolve.

(September 2021; total time: 4 minutes)

TPF/IUPUI Fellows Roundtable Discussion

Hannah Saeger Karnei, John Ferguson, and Abby Rolland share openly about their decision to become a TPF Fellow. Through illuminating examples, each shares humbling moments of growth while striving to create the future they imagine with the support of their TPF family.

(August 2021; total time: 19 minutes)

Fellows Roundtable: From ---- To

President/CEO Debra Jacobs and TPF Fellows, Hannah Saeger Karnei, Abby Rolland, and John Ferguson discuss how The Patterson Foundation capitalizes on methods to refocus efforts toward lasting impact through its Opportunities for Impact.

(January 2021; total time: 16 minutes)

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