EdExploreSRQ Endowments

Established December 2011

EdExploreSRQ Endowments

The Purpose

In 2011, EdExploreSRQ was launched as a web-based program connecting teachers, administrators, and parents to hundreds of curriculum-aligned experiences (“Explorations”) for students in Sarasota County Schools — creating opportunities to “bring learning to life.” The Patterson Foundation invests in several endowments created to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of EdExploreSRQ while creating sustainable access to its experiential learning opportunities in perpetuity. These endowments include:
  • EdExploreSRQ Endowment Fund
  • Education Foundation of Sarasota County for EdExploreSRQ Explorations Endowment Fund
  • Embracing Our Differences Endowed Fund
  • Florida Studio Theatre Endowed Fund
  • Harry Leopold Endowment Fund for Performing Arts
  • Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Endowed Fund
  • Muriel O’Neil Endowed Fund
  • Sarasota Ballet Endowment Fund


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Why does The Patterson Foundation support these endowments?

EdExploreSRQ was one of The Patterson Foundation’s nine Legacy Initiatives created in 2010 to honor the Patterson family. The initiative was created to honor Dorothy Patterson, who enjoyed and supported the arts. She felt children should have cultural opportunities because these experiences help students understand and appreciate themselves and others.


Who manages these endowments?

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County and Gulf Coast Community Foundation manage the Education Foundation of Sarasota County for EdExploreSRQ Explorations Endowment Fund. All other EdExploreSRQ endowments supported by The Patterson Foundation are managed solely by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.

Who can I contact about these endowments?

For more information, please contact Beth Duda, EdExploreSRQ Initiative Consultant: bduda@thepattersonfoundation.org.
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