When Age-Friendly Sarasota Meets AARP's Livable Communities

When Age-Friendly Sarasota Meets AARP's Livable Communities

Posted on August 22, 2016 by Bob Carter

Recently, Rodney Harrell, PhD, the director of Livable Communities AARP Public Policy Institute visited Sarasota in support of the emerging Age-Friendly Sarasota movement. During his two-day visit, he addressed and engaged diverse groups including business and community leaders, neighborhood leaders and government planners. He also conducted an open public forum.

Dr. Harrell shared his research and ideas about many factors and domains of livability that impact how we live, work and play. His message highlighted the close alignment of Livable Communities to the work of Age-Friendly Sarasota.

Age-Friendly Sarasota (AFS) is a multi-year, local initiative supported by The Patterson Foundation that promotes active, healthy and engaged living for people throughout all life stages and abilities, and fosters civic, economic and social participation throughout the life course. Age-Friendly Sarasota was the first such designee in Florida and is part of the World Health Organization global network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities.

While the effort provides special focus on older adults, it’s truly about engaging the multiple sectors of our community to create a future-focused “community for all ages” that positively influences our collective quality of life.

Age-Friendly Sarasota takes advantage of who we already are as a community, building upon our assets and aspirations. It’s about all of us becoming architects of our joint future together, creating options and opportunities to live the best lives we can while strengthening our community as it thrives as a great place for people of all ages.

Here's more from Dr. Harrell’s public forum held at the Friendship Center in Sarasota:

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