The Patterson Foundation's opportunity to provide relief continues in Northeast Alabama

Posted on August 04, 2011 by Michael Corley, consultant with The Patterson Foundation

By Michael Corley and Pam Truitt, The Patterson Foundation

Inspire Philanthropy. Collaboration. Connective Tissue. Doing things other can’t or won’t. Flexibility. Opportunity. Responsibility.

These “Patterson-words” describe how we continue The Patterson Foundation's Relieve work in Northeast Alabama.

In a previous blog, I've written about TPF's work in Northeast Alabama, highlighting how we've collaborated and leveraged resources. This culminated in a trip to Calhoun County in late May. On behalf of The Patterson Foundation, Pam Truitt, an initiative manager, traveled to Jacksonville, Ala., to present a matching gift of $50,000 to First Baptist Church of Williams to help in their relief efforts.

During this trip, Pam met with Eula Tatman of The Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama. (This meeting referenced in a previous blog about our desire to work with a community foundation in the region to implement a model we have developed for inspiring philanthropy. The timing wasn’t right, so we regrouped, but it set the stage to begin building a relationship with Eula and the Community Foundation.)

Over the past two months, our partnership has grown to the point that TPF and the Community Foundation are now ready to implement a model for inspiring philanthropy. We are now ready to  launch a model for inspiring and leveraging philanthropy through collaboration.

As with any relationship, working together has been a process….

We began conversations with Eula about our interest in partnering with the Community Foundation in late May/early June.  In fact, the “formal” dialogue began with an email sharing TPF’s thoughts about an opportunity to work together - exploring whether our respective approaches toward disaster relief aligned or complemented each other. The relationship building continued through a series of emails  and weekly phone calls. The purpose of these phone calls was twofold:

1) Develop a relationship between the organizations

2) Explore ways to work together

The Patterson Foundation's interest is in helping the Community Foundation inspire and leverage philanthropy in Northeast AL to help tornado victims with limited resources rebuild their lives. (TPF believes foundations can accomplish much more positive impact working together. After doing research and due diligence, TPF concluded the Community Foundation was in the best position to actualize a plan and could gain the most by doing so.)

TPF brings strategic expertise in communications and inspiring philanthropy to the table, while the Community Foundation brings relationships, regional knowledge and execution to this partnership. The blending of our strengths creates an awesome whole.

Now, the Community Foundation and TPF are ready to announce what we're doing through this partnership:

On August 11, the Community Foundation will host a fundraising event. Beginning with this event, TPF will match the dollars raised by the Community Foundation for tornado relief.  The amount of the match will be announced at the concert on August 11. Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming visit to Alabama.

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