The Patterson Foundation Journey Continues

The Patterson Foundation Journey Continues

Posted on January 30, 2017 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation
As mentioned in Sharing Our Journey Through Communications, The Patterson Foundation began with imagining possibilities. When it launched in 2010 with an unfettered charter, the foundation’s leadership team was in a unique position to look to the future of philanthropy to do what others could not, would not, and were not doing.

Seven years have passed since the foundation's public launch and, as we enter the New Year, we can reflect on the many ways TPF's legacy has evolved since 2009 — new realities abound:

From Patriot Plaza to how philanthropic muscles have been strengthened thanks to the Giving Challenge;

From more thrivable organizations thanks to Margin Mission Ignition to the creation of the Collaboratory at Ringling College;

From more than 100,000 annual EdExplorations to more 2,000 families staying in their homes each year thanks to Season of Sharing;

From being a national innovator thanks to Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading impact to leading in Florida's Age-Friendly movement with Age-Friendly Sarasota;

From spearheading sustainable Aging Mastery Programs to advancing Sarasota County's Healthcare Safety Net;

From Turning Outward thanks to Aspirations to Actions to Bringing Science Home changing how those with diabetes live;

From Recoding Organizational DNA for homelessness to supporting the emerging Sarasota Bayfront legacy development;

From facilitating the creation of the Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition to the Phase 1 achievement of the Culture of Health recognition by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation; and

From providing communications technology to address Ebola and the Syrian Refugee Crisis to building a national Center for Disaster Philanthropy.

While this list is far from all-inclusive, it demonstrates the depth and breadth of TPF's impact locally and beyond. The TPF journey takes vision, bravery, focus, and tireless and imaginative efforts... now being carried forward by a network of passionaries who each embrace TPF values with a smiling can-do attitude!

For a reminder of the origins and milestones:

With gratitude for the opportunity and exciting anticipation for our work ahead,

Debra Jacobs
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