The Patterson Foundation Highlights its Journey with the Launch of a New Website

The Patterson Foundation Highlights its Journey with the Launch of a New Website

Posted on January 11, 2017 by The Patterson Foundation

Since its inception in 2010, The Patterson Foundation (TPF) has been on a journey to share how philanthropy can strengthen people, organizations and communities -- all while remaining innovative, agile, and aspirational in our approach.

TPF began exploring possibilities in philanthropy through initiatives that honored the legacy of the Patterson family. Today, after learning much along the way, we invest in strengthening the efforts of people, organizations, and communities by focusing on issues that address common aspirations, foster wide participation and encourage learning and sharing among everyone touched by our work.

Guided by Values
The world moves at the speed of change and change happens at the speed of trust. Our approach is guided by TPF values, which starts with connecting people and being a catalyst for good that encourages collaboration among people, businesses, media, nonprofits, government, and others to accelerate progress.

Connecting encourages people to learn from each other, to share experiences and to engage on deeper levels.

In addition to connecting, TPF works with others to strengthen their impact by:

  • Understanding that resources and expertise beyond the gift provide value
  • Being accessible and engaged with others is essential to our work
  • Striving to learn as we collaborate and share successes and challenges

Meaningful change requires commitment and persistence. We encourage this by embracing new ideas in a constantly changing world and by undertaking philanthropic work others are not, cannot or will not do. We also realize real change requires depth of resources and focusing on impact while leveraging those resources as much as possible in everything we do.

Sharing the Story
As an extension of its communications philosophy, the initial digital presence demonstrated how and where TPF was uncovering possibilities to make a difference. During this journey, TPF solidified how to articulate its approach to philanthropy -- one of connecting, learning, sharing, evolving, and strengthening.

As The Patterson Foundation has evolved, so has its story.

We recently redesigned the website to further demonstrate how TPF supports strong communities that are learning to thrive in the face of adversity and how people are working together to achieve shared aspirations as they collaboratively create their future.

This illustrates TPFs approach and the work of each initiative. The highlights of this journey are shared through our blog network and on social media. The story of each initiative can be traced through intentional phases of connecting, learning, sharing, evolving, and strengthening.

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  • Learn about these and other concepts used in TPF's approach to philanthropy.


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