The Benefits of Blogging for Foundations

The Benefits of Blogging for Foundations

Posted on September 09, 2011 by The Patterson Foundation

As The Patterson Foundation’s (TPF) strategic communications partner, we have worked closely with the foundation’s initiative and lens managers to establish TPF’s Blog Network. We have also provided guidance and training for each blog contributor.

One of the things we learned from the blogging experience is that it’s an important communications tool for the foundation, its staff, its partners, its community and those with an affinity for TPF’s work. In addition to communicating with those who already know about TPF and what it does, we found that the blogs are reaching others outside of the foundation’s immediate sphere and that we are connecting and engaging with others in innovative ways.

The Patterson Foundation has benefited in many ways since starting its Blog Network, and we thought we’d share some of these anticipated(and unexpected) blogging benefits with you:

1. Blogging is only one part of the social media strategy, and if leveraged together with other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, TPF’s message can reach an even wider audience.

2. Blogging gives the foundation the opportunity and the responsibility to be transparent and clear about its message, mission and work in a timely and less-formal way.

3. Through the Blog Network, TPF can connect and share what it is learning (the successes and challenges) with fellow staff members, supporters, other initiative managers, interested entities and the community.

4. Blogging helps TPF formalize a process to record and share the journey.

5. Blogging has shown that communicating is also about listening. TPF has engaged in vibrant discussions with readers through the comments area of the Blog Network.

6. Blogging has raised the visibility of TPF and its work, connecting local, regional and national thought leaders and innovators already working in similar spaces and has created more opportunities to leverage for impact.

7. Blogging about the journey allows others to feel connected to TPF and its work. It gives a “face” and a “personality” to TPF and helps the community to better understand how the foundation works.

Please visit The Patterson Foundation’s Blog Network and feel free to leave a comment or engage with TPF on Twitter and Facebook.

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As The Patterson Foundation’s strategic communications partner, the communications lens provides strategic consultation and ensures all communications are consistent with TPF’s mission and values. The strategic communications partner also works with TPF, its initiatives and lenses to leverage and build relationships for the greatest impact.

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