Tails of TPF's Communications Network

Tails of TPF's Communications Network

Posted on October 22, 2021 by Stacy Sternberg, communications coordinator for The Patterson Foundation

It was May 2020, and the world had basically shut down. It was clearly the perfect time for more chaos. Let's foster a dog, she said. And so they did….and did it big.


Puppies were everywhere. Digging burrows, hiding in lilies, trampling humans, chasing each other, feeding; they were always on until they weren't. At times, it was quiet. They would rest, their little bodies growing, preparing for the next burst. An abundance of love, teamwork, and attention to detail was essential for Elsie and her puppies to flourish. As the pups got bigger and faster and stronger, they presented new challenges.

So what exactly do Elsie, her nine puppies, and TPF communications have in common? Great question!

TPF's communications network also requires constant attention. Managing five Facebook pages, three Twitter accounts, nine newsletters, two YouTube channels, three websites, two Instagram accounts -- and making sure each is thriving -- is a massive undertaking. As The Patterson Foundation's initiatives evolve, each must be nurtured and supported as we work together toward shared aspirations, and TPF's commitment to excellence shows in the data.

2021 Metrics Jan June

We are proud that the combined unique views of TPF's websites in the first six months of 2021 exceeded those of 2020 by 25%. TPF's website features user-friendly systems and is ADA compliant to help viewers navigate vast amounts of valuable information with ease.

TPF's communications channels are integral to building relationships. Focused on The Five C's, TPF's social media presence is designed to strengthen the region. With nearly 30 initiatives, TPF encourages you to connect with its carefully curated content, mindful messaging, and community-building initiatives as we invest in the architecture of our future.

TPF's overall YouTube metrics from Jan-June 2021 compared to Jan-June 2020 almost tripled, thanks to the award-winning THIS BOOK IS COOL! program presented by the Suncoast Campaign for Grade-Level Reading. (10,356 views in 2020 vs. 27,100 views from Jan-June 2021)

One of our tenets is that resources and expertise beyond the gift provide value, and the newsletter is one of the ways we help deliver that value. It's a great tool to discover how to get involved with the foundation. In communications, if 20% of recipients open the newsletter, it is considered excellent. We are pleased that from Jan-June 2021, TPF's newsletters had an average open rate of 26%.

It's rewarding to watch the communications network that we've nurtured grow in its impact, and the positive outcomes for people, organizations, and communities are worth it!


We couldn't send Elsie back, even to a beautiful shelter like Honor Animal Rescue. She is the ray of sunshine we didn't know we were missing. Since she's been with us, we've befriended more neighbors and simply lead richer lives. As for her pups, they were all adopted the same day we brought them back. Thanks to social media, we created a Facebook page that Nate's shared with their furever families so we could stay connected. Our new tradition is meeting at the dog park on Elsie's birthday to reunite the pack and celebrate.

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