One of TPF's favorite metaphors is about sharing cookies -- communicating different ideas and perspectives on shared aspirations. Making sure cookies are delivered and exchanged is an integral part of TPF's process.

TPF's culture is to infuse connection with possibility.

That is why we focus on helping people engage with each other, providing expertise, encouraging learning, and sharing promising practices. Whether it's a meeting, a webinar, a community conversation, or a national conference, there's always - ALWAYS - room for sharing cookies!

TPF's online communications are part of this big picture.

Ideally, one will start on the website; a place where people come to learn about TPF. The Conferences and Events Library may be what attracts them.

Because the website was designed to have extensive and in-depth information, the blog section serves as a library archive where one can dive deep into any of the initiatives - current or past.

That isn't just TPF rhetoric either. In 2018, the second most read blog was "Reading is the Window to the World," which posted in 2015 and was written by Bill Little. Three years later, it's the second most popular blog!

During the last fiscal year, TPF's websites combined had 98,068 unique views -- up 20% from the previous year. The TPF website alone averaged 4,180 unique pageviews and 1,485 active users per month.

As connectors and sharers, TPF uses social media to broaden its reach with five Facebook accounts as a vehicle to further social good. Compared to last year, 13% more people have "Liked" our pages and are engaging. TPF's Facebook page on average reached 13,255 people and garnered 20 new "Likes" per month.

Information sharing doesn't stop at new websites and Facebook pages. There are also five newsletters and four Twitter accounts. Accounts combined, Twitter followers increased by 15% in the last fiscal year. On average, TPF's Twitter account had 20,100 impressions and gained 21 new followers per month.

At TPF, when people get caught with their hands in the cookie jar, it's a good thing! Annually, rewards are given to consultants and staff who have shared the most cookies, i.e., excellence according to the metrics in propelling online communications forward. In 2018, $250 donation awards were given to Beatriz Paniego-Béjar, Heather Koester, LeeAnne Moody, and Wendy Katz.

In the spirit of strengthening the efforts of people, organizations, and communities, each picked their favorite nonprofit from The Giving Partner to support. Looking forward to another impressive year! Thanks to each of you for making TPF one of the greatest "bakeries" around!

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