Atomic Habits by James Clear describes four ways to make something successful:

1. Make it obvious.
2. Make it attractive.
3. Make it easy.
4. Make it satisfying.

In the world of The Patterson Foundation’s digital communications, this idea has enhanced our ability to share across multiple initiatives.


Make it Obvious

In the spring, TPF and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy (IUPUI) partnered on a special-topics course entitled “The Future of the Philanthropic Sector.” The course connected students to TPF’s approach to philanthropy and nonprofits in the Sarasota area. IUPUI student Haley Bryant shared a valuable nugget she gleaned from MagnifyGood, TPF’s lead consultants for strategy and communications: Social sector organizations assume everyone knows about them and their mission, which leads them to fail to make communication a true priority. While MagnifyGood’s statement was in context to fundraising and the 2020 Giving Challenge, it is also relevant when sharing useful information via newsletters, on websites, through social media platforms, and in daily emails. TPF can’t assume everyone with whom we are sharing knows as much as we do about TPF and its initiatives or where to find helpful links. That’s why, if communication is going to be a priority, it needs to be obvious.

Make it Attractive


 Imagery — whether pictures, diagrams, videos, or icons — creates the sparkle that entices the audience.

Make it Easy

blogOn TPF’s website, the blog library is structured on a grid and can be filtered by initiative; current or past. Within each blog cluster, visitors can access links to related blogs, videos, articles, newsletters, Wakelets, PDFs; basically anything that can be linked. Some initiatives, including the Giving Challenge, NetHope, TPF Fellows, and Center for Disaster Philanthropy can be filtered further by person, year, and other categories.

Organized in the same structure is the Conferences and Events Library. It strengthens community connection by providing access to social-media highlights, videos, worksheets, and blogs.

While there is extensive information on TPF’s website, most everything can be reached with one or two clicks. On the typical page, the main space provides an overview and answers to FAQs, and along the right side are various collections of convenient links, which may include blog posts, newsletters, articles, social media, etc.

This brings us to our final point.

Make it satisfying

TPF’s strives to build and promote content that is engaging, informative, and creates pathways for people, organizations, and communities to get involved and further social good. With 18 current initiatives, communication is pivotal in catalyzing efforts to realize shared aspirations. So whether you are viewing the website, looking for highlights on one of TPF’s social media platforms — Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram — or perusing through newsletters, you will find a wealth of resources and opportunities, plus a bit more.

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