Southeastern Council of Foundations Annual Meeting An Opportunity for Storytelling

Posted on November 01, 2011 by Roxanne Joffe, MagnifyGood

By Roxanne Joffe, The Patterson Foundation Strategic Communications Partner

This week, I’m both reflecting and looking to the future as I prepare to attend my third consecutive Southeastern Council of Foundations annual meeting Nov. 9-11 in Amelia Island, Fla.

It has been nearly two years since The Patterson Foundation launched its vision – and what a journey it has been. The evolution is something I look forward to sharing every year at the conference with friends and colleagues.

The foundation has evolved – as we anticipated – but continues to leverage possibilities more than anyone could have ever imagined. With an unrestricted charter for good, The Patterson Foundation has embraced the notion of doing work others can’t, won’t or aren’t doing.

The foundation has evolved to demonstrate its values through its initiative work. Rather than the story being about the initiative itself, we’re in constant motion to learn and share how initiative work demonstrates what matters most to the foundation: innovation.

Recently, I attended a Communications Network conference in Boston where one of the speakers was actress America Ferrera, known for her role in the TV series "Ugly Betty." Ferrera noted that, “The way we tell the story is as important as the story we tell.”

As nonprofits navigate through the sometimes-frustrating path of communicating their vision with their audiences in hopes of inspiring and connecting with them, the idea of creating that emotional connection through effective and passionate storytelling aligns with the work of The Patterson Foundation.

Story telling creates impact because:

1. People remember a story more than they do a “pitch.” Using your real experiences to tell the story creates a connection that will resonate.

2. Telling a compelling story elicits emotions that resonate and inspire action.

3. Through sharing your organization’s stories, you can plant the seed that anyone can participate in philanthropy

Every organization can use storytelling as a means to communicate with and engage its communities. What compelling stories does your organization have to share?

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