Sharing Our Journey Through Communications

Sharing Our Journey Through Communications

Posted on January 24, 2017 by MagnifyGood
Like all good stories, The Patterson Foundation’s begins with imagining possibilities. When it launched in 2010 with an unfettered charter, the foundation’s leadership team was in a unique position to look to the future of philanthropy to do what others could not, would not, and were not doing.

Without an issue or geographic focus, foundation leaders were entrusted with the ability to develop The Patterson Foundation’s approach from scratch; a meaningful yet daunting challenge from a communications point of view.

As the communications partner of The Patterson Foundation, MagnifyGood worked with foundation leaders to develop communications systems and processes from the ground up -- including The Patterson Foundation’s initial website and digital presence. Our strategic communications work illustrates the vision, inspiration, and evolution of the foundation's story in this community, region and beyond. Here’s a look at that journey.

A world of possibilities

As The Patterson Foundation prepared to launch its philanthropic vision, its initial digital presence needed to evoke a feeling of possibilities. Through brand research and strategy, MagnifyGood developed a creative concept based on origami to illustrate the idea that The Patterson Foundation would work to create new realities through creative, imaginative philanthropy.

The website design featured line art depicting environments where origami took shape through animation -- representing the paths and initiatives The Patterson Foundation explored in the first few years following its public launch. This theme carried through to the foundation’s social media channels, which served to connect with peers in philanthropy as well as local communities.

The journey unfolds

After five years of building connective tissue to create new realities, The Patterson Foundation shared its journey with the local Sarasota region through a series of talks led by President and CEO Debra Jacobs. As impact and highlights of the foundation’s journey were shared, the website was updated to mirror this --- including adding a blog network that detailed lessons learned through each initiative.

Strengthening people, organizations, and communities

As The Patterson Foundation has evolved, so has its story. Through communications research conducted by MagnifyGood, The Patterson Foundation’s message further crystallized to share its approach to philanthropy through connecting, learning, sharing, evolving, and strengthening.

This research informed how The Patterson Foundation describes its work: investing in strengthening the efforts of people, organizations and communities by focusing on issues that address common aspirations, foster wide participation and encourage learning and sharing among everyone touched by our work.

This theme of strengthening is featured throughout the latest iteration of the foundation’s website and is reinforced through a voice that consistently reflects The Patterson Foundation’s culture and initiative pages that reflect the approach. The highlights of this journey are captured and shared through the foundation’s blog network and on social media.

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