#SECF12: Let's get strategic about social media in philanthropy

#SECF12: Let's get strategic about social media in philanthropy

Posted on November 08, 2012 by The Patterson Foundation

The allure of including social media in philanthropy communications strategies can be exciting, scary, daunting -- and it's often all of those things. With a packed room during our session at the Southeastern Council of Foundations Annual Meeting in Charleston, we saw that the desire to learn more and the need to develop sound strategies trump all.

In case you missed it, the following are some takeaways from the session.  Here's an archive and analysis of the #smtalk12 session tweets. 

1. Social media is an extension of a strategic communications plan -- it doesn't stand alone and shouldn't stand alone.

2. While social media tactics are glitzy and fun, tactics mean nothing if they don't support and move you toward reaching longer-term goals.

3. Fear of the unknown is paralyzing. Educating board members, leadership and staff about how social media can advance mission is a great place to start.

4. Think about creating an online "toolbox" of resources people can access following social media training to get a refresher on what they've learned.

5. Address what could go wrong from the beginning and do something about it. Have you outlined expectations in a social media policy? Are staff members trained on how to monitor and recognize potential digital "crisis" situations?

6. To measure and justify using social media, you have to have goals. Think beyond looking at how many people are following you on your social media channels. Areas like reach, influence and content amplification are better indicators of success and will help you adjust strategy.

Want to learn more and continue the conversation? Follow our panelists on Twitter:

Brooke Bailey, Senior Director of Communications for the Sisters of Charity Foundation of South Carolina (@BrookeUSC)

Roxanne Joffe, Strategic Communications Lead for The Patterson Foundation (@RoxanneJoffe)

Ashley Mills, Director of Communications for the Council on Foundations (@AAdamsMills)

Charity Perkins, Director of Communications for The Duke Endowment (@Charity_Perkins)

Melissa Thompson, Social Media Lead for The Patterson Foundation (@melissathomps @ThePattersonFdn)

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