Revisiting our values to guide our future of social good

Revisiting our values to guide our future of social good

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

Dorothy Patterson created The Patterson Foundation with an unfettered charter to do good and do it well. This flexibility, opportunity and responsibility led us to extensive discussions facilitated by Jennifer Bush, CEO LevelSmart. Recently, TPF’s  governing board  revisited the values established in 2009, affirming each of them and adding three more (shown with an *) that have emerged from our approach, experience and what we've learned in the past four years.

We share our values on our website and continue to use them as reference points in each of our endeavors. These values guide us as we continue to forge a path to do work with our partners that others can't, won't or aren't.

*Partner with others to amplify their impact

Understand that resources and expertise beyond the gift provide value

Being accessible and engaged with others is essential to our work

Strive to learn as we collaborate and share successes and challenges

*Believe meaningful change requires commitment and persistence 

Embrace new ideas to address a constantly changing world

Undertake philanthropic work that others are not, cannot or will not do

*Integrate thrivability into everything we do

Demonstrate integrity blended with joyful stewardship

Realize that real change requires depth of resources

Focus on impact while leveraging resources

During a recent GoogleHangout with Creating the Future’s Hildy Gottlieb (#ctfuture, @hildygottlieb), I shared the importance of determining values, living them and checking in to see how they are translating into action. Indeed, putting values into action creates new realities and supports our legacy for impact.

  • Learn about these and other concepts used in TPF's approach to philanthropy.


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