Movements fueled by digital media at Southeastern Council of Foundations

Movements fueled by digital media at Southeastern Council of Foundations

Posted on November 18, 2013 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

There is a growing appetite among Southeastern Council of Foundations members for information and examples of digital and strategic communications put into practice in philanthropy. It was so evident as I observed the standing-room-only session on fueling and building movements of passion through digital and social media during SECF's 44th annual meeting at the Homestead in Virginia last week.

Presented by our strategic communications partner, MagnifyGood, I smiled as the engaged participants worked together and broke out in conversation to share stories about their passions that might grow into movements. Led by Founder and Integrative Strategist Roxanne Joffe and Director of Social Innovation Melissa Koss, the duo shared examples of rapidly scaling movements from the Arab Spring to a movement supported by The Patterson Foundation in our own backyard: Legacy of Valor.

Each participant walked away from the session with a step-by-step worksheet with thought starters to help them and their foundations explore supporting and building movements of "good."

1. Passion and early advocates help movements gain momentum

2. Passion is the first place to start, but emotional stories paired with supportive data drive support and attract advocates to movements.

3. Movements attract advocates when they speak to potential supporters where they are  and in language that appeals to them. A movement geared toward positive aging and older adults may not find success in a college town as it would in a community with a large older adult demographic.

Foundations have the excellent opportunity to work with many partners to help support a movement and seed it in a community.

4. Digital and social media tools scale movements, accelerate progress and connect those who care to act and share messages.

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