Outliers, innovation and community voices matter in aging

Outliers, innovation and community voices matter in aging

Posted on March 15, 2013 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

For the past three years, The Patterson Foundation has presented a variety of sessions at the American Society on Aging's annual Aging in America conferences. Each year, we have built connective tissue with folks from around the country, each working hard to make a difference. This year, we presented a workshop with our partner, Institute for the Ages, that looked at innovations in aging and how it will make a difference in our communities.

As the facilitator of Outliers: Who Is Doing The Cool Stuff & Why Does It Matter? it was a delight to listen and watch the Institute for the Ages CEO Tom Esselman (@agesinstitute) and Institute board member Richard Adler (@reallyrichard) captivate the standing-room-only audience.

As a sage in the positive aging space, Richard spotlighted innovations from around the globe and Tom brought it home by showcasing Sarasota's older adult demographic as an invaluable resource for the active and authentic voices so needed in policy and product development.  Not only did we have to cut off questions so the room could transition for the subsequent session, but folks lined up for further connecting (so much so that we captured about five pages worth of contacts who want to stay connected!) Participants praised the positive approach and possibilities.

Tweets abounded at #aia13.  Indeed it was cool and made a difference!

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