Communications Network 2011: The Magic in Being Open-Minded

Posted on September 20, 2011 by The Patterson Foundation

By Melissa Thompson, The Patterson Foundation Strategic Communications Partner

Who has the luxury of time in this by-the-millisecond world? Don’t answer. I know. A dream for some and a priority for others.

As communicators, timing can be everything. We are tasked to plan, create strategies, time things perfectly, monitor procedures – all in the name of connecting others with clear, consistent messages for good.

This week, as I’m enjoying prepping (and getting psyched) to attend the Communications Network Fall Conference for the first time, I am reminded that time and preparation is a value of The Patterson Foundation – one that we see time and again as it connects with the best and brightest to carry out transformative work.

In life and work, the best collaborations and partnerships take time, and the most worthwhile journeys begin with a single connection point. Great partnerships aren’t bound by too many rules, either. Rather, they require some degree of flexibility and open-mindedness.

Part of the preparation involves seeking thought leaders to learn and share innovation in the philanthropy communications space.

So, as we trek to Boston on Wednesday, let’s take the following to heart:

1.    Be an explorer – The world’s greatest explorers were only bound by the ends of the earth. When seeking to discover – whether at a conference or in life – learn to let go of pre-conceived notions and make the most of the moment.

2.    Do your homework… just a little – A prepared mind allows us to start somewhere and begin to imagine possibilities.

3.    Never say Never – The moment you start limiting possibilities you might limit potential.

With an open mind, we’ll be richer for the time we take and the connections we make.

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