Annual Foundations on the Hill shines spotlight on the role of giving in our country

Annual Foundations on the Hill shines spotlight on the role of giving in our country

Posted on March 25, 2013 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

As I return from the annual Foundations on the Hill in Washington, DC, I am reminded that we live in a nation that embraces ideas and possibilities; albeit, we tend to get stuck in ideologies and rules.

The energy of 275 philanthropic leaders listening to updates on the challenges and opportunities was palpable.  We were there to make our voices heard and hopefully have an impact. The Alliance for Charitable Reform, in partnership with the Council of Foundations, organized speakers from various Congressional offices and visits to various cabinet offices.

My visits to FEMA, HUD  and Department of Education affirmed that The Patterson Foundation’s collaborative efforts with the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, NetHope,  and are spot on. The Tweets below will give you a glimpse into my takeaways.

#FOTH @DebraMJacobs Tweets

Thanks to the Southeastern Council of Foundation’s  Kenita Williams for shepherding 42 members from 11 states and to Florida Philanthropic Network’s Dave Biemesderfer for leading 12 from Florida.

Active engagement is alive and well in the foundation sector!

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Foundations on the Hill 2013

Sharing insights from #FOTH as leaders rally to #protectgiving

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For each $1 subject to charitable deduction, communities reap up to $3 in benefits. #FOTHDebra Jacobs

If people and businesses can adopt budgets, why can't Congress? It is time to act responsibly, kids of all ages are watching #FOTHDebra Jacobs

If one can't describe the impact on real people, passing laws can create untended consequences. #FOTHDebra Jacobs

Nonprofits provide 10% of America's workforce: 13.5 million jobs, accounting for 5.4% of GDP and 9% of all wages paid #FOTHDebra Jacobs

74% of Americans report giving to charity each year United Way Worldwide National Survey 2012 #FOTHDebra Jacobs

Shared understanding: communities need strengthening, govt spending decreasing & Americans value charitable sector #FOTHDebra Jacobs

Dept of Education welcomed #FOTH leaders There is no problem that hasn't been solved, sharing what works is the stumbling block.Debra Jacobs

Policy makers are well intended, let us each help them avoid unintended consequences. It is time to communicate realities #FOTHDebra Jacobs

HUD Office for International & Philantropic Innovation welcomed #FOTH leaders encouraging sharing: submit your best! <a href="" class="">…</a>Debra Jacobs

FEMA welcomed #FOTH leaders shared National Disaster Recovery Framework IF capacity is fragile prior to disaster, any plan is in jeopardyDebra Jacobs

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