Dean Amir PasicThe Lilly Family School of Philanthropy is proud to announce our new “study away” course, “The Future of Work in the Philanthropic Sector.” The course gives ten bachelor’s and master’s degree students the opportunity to learn about how to build sustainable organizations, how to develop innovative partnerships, the competencies and qualities future leaders will need, and to experience firsthand how an innovative foundation brings about positive change.

We are pleased at this chance to extend our relationship with The Patterson Foundation. As part of the course, students will have the opportunity to collaborate with The Patterson Foundation’s partner organizations in Sarasota to work on capacity building, an issue-based movement, or a giving challenge.

The course will be led by our school’s co-instructors, Marilyn Kuhn and Pamela Clark. Kuhn expressed her excitement for the course and the school’s partnership with The Patterson Foundation.

“As we began our initial partnership with The Patterson Foundation last year, I thought about additional ways to engage our students with them, to get to know and learn from them. Our IUPUI campus’s “study away” course option offers educational travel in the U.S., so we asked if The Patterson Foundation would be interested in having us spend a spring break week working with them and their local partners as part of a course. They have been very enthusiastic and supportive of our first effort at this program. We are looking forward to learning from them and contributing to their partner organizations!”

While the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s relationship with The Patterson Foundation is relatively new, it is already providing valuable opportunities for our students and alumni, The Patterson Foundation, and its partners. We are looking forward to collaborating with The Patterson Foundation to encourage and educate innovative leaders for the philanthropic sector.


A Deeper Relationship for Good
Debra Jacobs, President and CEO, The Patterson Foundation

Debra JacobsAt The Patterson Foundation, we often find ourselves charting fresh territory when it comes to building relationships. When the idea for a Fellows Program was born, it was my great aspiration that a meaningful relationship would evolve between Lilly Family School of Philanthropy and The Patterson Foundation, deep into the future of philanthropy through a network of Fellows. This journey, like all others, begins with first steps that discover new possibilities.

With Hannah Saeger Karnei’s first four months as the inaugural TPF Fellow behind us, it’s affirming to share we continue to find uplifting intersections along the journey. The Fellows experience has provided Hannah time working with nearly all of TPF’s 15 current initiatives and several of TPF’s partners, both locally and beyond. A goal of the Fellows Program is for The Patterson Foundation to learn from our Fellows while they learn from us. The opportunities for this are boundless, a credit to the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy’s master’s program.

In addition to the excellent inaugural Fellow experience, The Patterson Foundation is pleased to continue to stretch our relationship with the school in new directions. When the school approached The Patterson Foundation about the opportunity to support a spring course, we were energized by the new possibilities. This spring, 10 students will participate in “The Future of Work in the Philanthropic Sector”, a collaboration between The Patterson Foundation and the school that offers an experiential learning component in Sarasota during spring break, using TPF as a “living laboratory”. What discoveries ahead!

The Patterson Foundation continues to be inspired to learn and evolve alongside the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy to create new possibilities for future philanthropic leaders.

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