The 13-letter “C” word permeates Florida Philanthropic Network Summit

The 13-letter “C” word permeates Florida Philanthropic Network Summit

Posted on March 05, 2013 by Pam Truitt

At the recent Florida Philanthropic Network Annual Summit, the air was thick with the “C” word.  Collaboration. It was everywhere-- breakout sessions, hallways and receptions.

Overheard in the Education Funders Affinity Group Session:

Cross sector collaborations are the key to improved student performance..."partnerships are iterative and need lots of conversations."

Overheard in the How Philanthropy Can Lead Cross-Sector Collaboration Session:

The Gates Foundation is heavily engaged in cross sector collaboration—and recognizes that partnerships  between government/nonprofits/foundations is a must.

Ann Miskey of Funders Together suggested that society’s most vexing problems need to be approached from the top down and bottom up—and start by building relationships to create a collaborative environment.

When Massachusetts moved its top-down approach regarding homelessness to local governments, the Boston-based Fireman’s Fund hired a facilitator to help nonprofits work together…"the power of convening gets people outside of their silos and talking to the community…it all boils down to building the relationships."

Oveheard in the session Investing in Collective Impact—

- Collaborate with key stakeholders

- Use data

- Agree on a process for communications and decision points

The Broward Community Council creates a culture for collective impact by requiring that all data be shared

Best practices?  Look at the federally-funded Promise Neighborhoods—a community transformation program

Overheard in the hallway:

Palm Beach County-based Nonprofits First is now handling all of the administrative functions for the County’s charter schools.

If you attended FPN’s Summit, please share what you heard about collaboration!

  • Learn about these and other concepts used in TPF's approach to philanthropy.


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