Team Type 1 founder headlines Students with Diabetes Conference

Posted on June 04, 2012 by The Patterson Foundation

Team Type 1 founder Phil Southerland shared his inspirational story and spoke about the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle with diabetes at the inaugural Students with Diabetes National Conference June 1-3 at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Speaking to attendees from more than a dozen Students with Diabetes chapters from colleges across the country, Southerland shared how he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as an infant, with the doctors telling his parents he would not live past age 25.

Today, at 29, Southerland has beaten the odds through a healthy lifestyle and chronic disease management. Southerland is president, CEO and founder of Team Type 1, a professional cycling team that promotes diabetes awareness.

Southerland is now a major thought leader on diabetes and sports and promotes how individuals can continue to live a healthy and active lifestyle with Type 1 diabetes through managed care and control of the disease including proper diet, exercise and a disciplined insulin regime.

In addition to Southerland’s inspirational story, the conference addressed the needs and concerns of college students with diabetes as they transition into adulthood. This included educational sessions on proper management and control of the disease while facing the everyday issues that all college-age students face.

Led by former Miss America Nicole Johnson, Bringing Science Home, a partnership between USF Health and The Patterson Foundation, created the Students with Diabetes organization as a way to help young adults living with diabetes connect with each other and strategize ways to face the challenges created by living with the chronic condition.

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