Strengthening new and existing donor relationships

Strengthening new and existing donor relationships

Posted on September 19, 2016 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

All relationships, whether personal or professional, develop at the speed of trust. Trust is a virtue that requires consistent investments of thoughtfulness and attention – investments that pay for themselves over time and reap untold benefits through the possibilities they unlock.

Because The Patterson Foundation believes that everyone can be a philanthropist, its contributions to the 2016 Giving Challenge include matches for donors both returning and new, as well as prizes for the organizations that garner the highest donation totals from both sets of donors. Strengthening your relationships with new and existing donors is vital to your organization’s continued thrivability and power to impact those you serve.

Cultivating new donors ensures a steady stream of support over time – and as many of our philanthropic aspirations have no expiration date, attracting new supporters is essential to your ongoing efforts. Capitalize on opportunities to connect with those who are newly acquainted with your nonprofit and its services by sharing stories of your impact through social media, blogs, newsletters or your other available channels.

Donors who are steadfast supporters of your mission deserve sincere expressions of your gratitude, in addition to updates illustrating the difference their contributions are making through your work. A donor aware of the impact they are having in the community and beyond will be inspired not only to contribute further, but to attract others to your cause.

The 24-hour Giving Challenge is so much more than an event – it is a tremendous opportunity to build the thrivability of your organization. Nurturing and attracting supporters is vital, but the journey should also be equally joyous for them and your team.

Following a year in which nearly $7 million was raised for nonprofits throughout the region, we look forward to witnessing the connections made during this year’s event – with the hope that it will serve as the launch point for relationships that enrich your organization and the lives you touch daily.

The Patterson Foundation is proud to continue to support the 2016 Giving Challenge in the following ways:
- A 2:1 match for contributions from new donors, up to $100 per donor, per organization
- A 1:1 match for contributions from returning donors, up to $100 per donor, per organization $51,000 in prizes for nonprofits that cultivate the highest total dollars of new and returning donations

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