Suncoast Remake Learning Days (SRLD) officially starts on Friday, April 21st, and excitement is building as preparations are underway.

More than 200 events are occurring in Charlotte, DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota counties. The Patterson Foundation is supplying each partner organization with lawn signs, attendance stickers, event surveys, event guidebooks, and information about the SRLD2023 App. (Please do download the is impressive!)

When faced with how to get the necessary supplies to each organization, the SCGLR Engagement Team leaped into action, planning a two-day pick-up event at The POINT on Friday, April 14th, and Saturday, April 15th.

Logistics expert Karen Arnold spearheaded efforts to organize the stickers and event surveys into envelopes and helped to coordinate food and beverage (delicious Rico’s Pizza, cookies, donut holes, a selection of chips, and ice-cold drinks).

Karen Windon arranged a pop-up space across the hall from The POINT as the pick-up location. Karen Arnold and Melissa Hirstein organized the yard signs, envelopes, and hundreds of boxes of event guides in the temporary space. They even set up a little bistro so our partners could sit down and enjoy each other’s company as they ate.

Karen Windon, Karen Arnold, Marla Smith, Cinthia Pena, Aileen Peña, Elsie Merrill, Beth Duda, Kellie Alexander, and Caleb Alexander helped to load the dollies and transport materials to the vehicles of the partners and engaged in enthusiastic conversations about the upcoming events.

Rachel Hettinger picked up supplies for a couple of partners with special delivery needs.

Bill Wagy was on hand on Friday, and he captured some of the shared joy in this 3-minute video. 

Event supplies were delivered by TPFers Donna Puhalovich, Cheri Coryea, Karen Windon, Beth Duda, and Carol Kranitz to partners who could not attend the pick-up events.

With appreciation for all, including Beth Duda leading every step of the way,
Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

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