Southwest Florida Mergers Help to Continue Priceless Services

Posted on August 17, 2011 by Pam Truitt

A couple of recent mergers in our neck of the woods (Southwest Florida) deserve a shout out. Strategic and economic reasons drove the partnerships.

The South County YMCA (Venice) and the Lee County YMCA (Fort Myers) have merged. According to a news-press editorial, the South County YMCA (Venice) has an ambitious strategic plan to add more branches in Lee County. I wish them the best.

The second merger involves The Literacy Volunteers of Lee County and the Literacy Council of Bonita Springs. Improving literacy in the community is an important service that no community can afford to be without.

What do these mergers have in common?

·       Mission-alignment

·       Expanded programs to serve more people

·       Administrative savings

·       Complementary talents

The News Press August 2, 2011 editorial closed with:  "These and other nonprofits provide priceless services, never more so than in an economic slump. It's good to see them achieving new economic health."

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