SNAC: Celebrating a Decade of Success

SNAC: Celebrating a Decade of Success

Posted on June 01, 2023 by Kellie Alexander, TPF Fellow 2022/24

Suncoast Nursing Action Coalition (SNAC) catalyzed change in nursing for ten years throughout the region with dedicated leadership from co-chairs Jan Mauck and Charles Baumann, with strategic and facilitation support from The Patterson Foundation (TPF) consultant Deborah Gauvreau. SNAC developed many successful strategies and partnerships through a Triad Model to accomplish various impressive tasks, including expanding the regional educational system's capacity for advanced nursing education. As SNAC closes all active engagements, many legacies continue with support from community and nursing leaders across Florida.

Upon starting my fellowship with TPF, I enthusiastically learned of my role in crafting an impact report depicting SNAC's ten years of impressive data and success stories. Complete with qualitative and quantitative data, the written report can be viewed here.

Throughout months of research and evaluation, I began to see SNAC as a unique example of catalyzing community aspirations. When Jan Mauck and Charles Baumann began, they knew SNAC would need connections and partnerships already established in the Suncoast region. This led to a meeting with Debra Jacobs, TPF President and CEO, which created several ripple effects, including the addition of TPF consultant Deborah Gauvreau and a fiscal partnership with the Community Foundation of Sarasota County. Now that SNAC had passionate leadership, community partners, and a fiscal agent, focus shifted to convene the three partner groups in the Triad Model: community, healthcare, and education. SNAC convened competitors in the same room around a mutual aspiration and catalyzed change from actionable steps. For example, nursing programs compete for students, and hospitals compete for patients, but when it came to a common goal to increase the number of BSN-prepared nurses, these groups collaborated in systems to create programs and incentives. Together this group advanced the nursing profession and the health of the Suncoast region.

On May 23, 2023, TPF hosted a SNAC ceremony to recognize and celebrate successes. 

While SNAC is sunsetting all active engagements, there is still much to do to support the future of nursing. Gratitude is shared with the Community Foundation of Sarasota County for continuing the Nursing Scholarship Fund to support nursing education and to the Nursing Action Coalition of Florida for leading statewide efforts.

Hope you will brew yourself a cup of coffee or tea and settle in to read more about SNAC's story and legacy.


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