Self-Care Management Alliance: Getting ahead of the aging curve

Self-Care Management Alliance: Getting ahead of the aging curve

Posted on July 24, 2012 by Debra Jacobs, president and CEO of The Patterson Foundation

We recently shared The Patterson Foundation works with networks to strengthen communications and learning among the collaborating organizations. We are currently lending our strategic support to the National Council of Aging’s Self-Care Management Alliance (SMA), which is a vibrant tri-sector opportunity.

Led by Rick Birkel ( and supported by Sarah Ruiz (, government agencies, global for-profits and philanthropic foundations are working together to knit promising practices for those with multiple chronic conditions. With limited resources and unlimited nuances and behaviors, we as a nation can get ahead of the curve as we live longer.

Participating in a recent conversation were:

Gretchen Alkema, The SCAN  Foundation

Anne Marie Bourisquot King, Tufts Health Plan Foundation

Terry Brady, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Peggy Haynes, Maine Health

Debra Jacobs, The Patterson Foundation

Roxanne Joffe, Strategic Communications Lead, The Patterson Foundation

Terry Pedone, Sanofi

Rick Birkel, National Council on Aging

Joe Caldwell, National Council on Aging

Brian Hofland, National Council on Aging

Sarah Ruiz, National Council on Aging

Gretchen Alkema Ph.D, VP of The SCAN Foundation, shared some of the results of  the foundation's research behind their Aging with Dignity and Independence work. They created a “word cloud”, a visual representation of the words that emerged from research. The word cloud spotlights the connectivity of themes and the relative frequency of individual words. This word cloud reminds us that older adults want to be active, healthy and connected with others.

This conversation led to each of the participants sharing glimpses into their research and work. What a treasure-trove of information!  We agreed that we will be well-served by mapping what is already known, so we build upon experience for messaging that will resonate. If you have developed messaging about self-care management and would like to learn more about this movement for collective impact, please contact Sarah Ruiz -

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