Sarasota Chalk Festival impresses crowds with images of valor

Sarasota Chalk Festival impresses crowds with images of valor

Posted on November 19, 2013 by The Patterson Foundation

Patriotism is in the air as the Sarasota Chalk Festival wrapped up a week of 2D and 3D street art work themed "Legacy of Valor" for 2013.  More than 100 artists participated in this year's event where artists created pieces that honored veterans, inspired patriotism and embraced themes of freedom.

Crowds gathered to watch the “Statue of Liberty” installation earlier in the week as crews unloaded and assembled the large styrofoam statue, which is an exact replica of the original and was created specifically for the festival.

Throughout the week, spectators watched 3D art develop in shape and color. As the 3D art is finished, guests are encouraged to stand on step stools and look down at the street.  The intricate and lifelike designs jump right off the street, with some artists bringing their own backdrop for additional impact.

The "Thoughtful Reflection" area served as a silent chalking area for families and friends to remember the service and sacrifice of loved ones. Cadets from Sarasota Military Academy stood guard over the replica tombstones and near the Eternal Flame throughout the festival.

Over the weekend, more than 500 veterans and their family members were treated to a catered dinner as the festival presented a USO-style show with fellow Legacy of Valor partner Senior Friendship Centers.

We combed Instagram for some of our favorite shots of the festival from volunteers and participants:

Be sure to check out for a complete list of the artist biographies and events.

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