Remote Internships: Communication is the Key to Success

Posted on January 17, 2023 by Avery Crews Prado de Lima, Nonprofit Internship Program
Communication is a central tenet of everything that we do as human beings. Whether it is carried out through writing, words, or signs, communication enables us to create connections, solve problems, and make progress in every interaction we have. This past semester I had the opportunity to work remotely as an intern with the Lemur Conservation Foundation and assist with the World Lemur Festival and GivingTuesday projects.

A remote internship might not seem to be the most likely location to forge connections through communication, but I have found that to be just the case. This experience taught me that virtual employment creates a unique communication style. Not being face-to-face encourages more direct communication habits and pushes everyone involved to address the task and produce the most effective solution together.

My experience with the Lemur Conservation Foundation relied heavily on sharing ideas, being open to edits, and finding just the right words to convey the importance of its mission. This position allowed me to gain experience within the field of foundations while also sharing my talents with the organization in a way that was beneficial for everyone involved. Together we were able to plan a weeklong international festival, create donor mailing lists, and host a GivingTuesday event in support of rebuilding after Hurricane Ian. Without open and direct communication, this work would not have been as successful and is a prime example of the value of our words within the professional community.

Open and honest communication was central to the success of my experience. Remote internships provide all the benefits of traditional ones but push participants further because the virtual nature of the position requires additional motivation and initiative. Even from 1,000 miles away, the distance was not a barrier to communicating well. Ensuring mutual understanding has shown me that my words are vital to my work and has helped me cultivate my communication style more purposefully.

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