Recoding Organizational DNA opportunities emerge

Recoding Organizational DNA opportunities emerge

Posted on March 19, 2015 by Michael Corley, consultant with The Patterson Foundation

At the conclusion of the Recoding Organizational DNA presentations in January, we took the opportunity to recognize three organizations for embedding the change necessary with their stakeholders to achieve the three goals of the Marbut Plan.

The ESO (Engaging System-Centric Outcomes) Awards honored:

1)    Engaging Award -  Harvest House

2)    System-Centric Award - Catholic Charities

3)    Outcomes Award - All Faiths Food Bank

4)    DNA Award - All Faiths Food Bank

Each award came with an opportunity for the organization to continue its work if it chose, and if so, each would give The Patterson Foundation the opportunity to invest in the work and to align the communications efforts.

We are pleased that all three organizations decided to continue working to be system-centric, outcomes-focused and engaging (rather than enabling).

The first order of business was for Catholic Charities, Harvest House and All Faiths Food Bank to meet with MagnifyGood, TPF’s strategic communications firm.  The purpose was to align the communications strategy so that each agency could leverage its participation in this effort.

MagnifyGood did a masterful job sharing and teaching each of the attendees, and then provided each with the tools (e.g. press-release template, talking points, etc.) it would need to share the message.

But the unexpected occurred. As the three organizations shared their respective plans for the work they would do, the other two organizations asked questions.  The questions turned into discussion and the discussion turned into a dialogue of how the three could work together. In  90 minutes, Catholic Charities, Harvest House and All Faiths Food Bank outlined opportunities to improve the Sarasota community.

Over the next three to four weeks, each organization will write a blog which will be posted on this website.  The blogs will describe each agency’s approach to this work.  Stay tuned!

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