Preparing students with asthma for important life transitions

Posted on April 26, 2012 by The Patterson Foundation

Imagine having a severe asthma attack for the first time when you’re in a brand new place with your support system hundreds of miles away. This is a reality for many college students who each year are forced to transition from relying on their parents for care and support to educating themselves and new friends and loved ones about managing their chronic condition.

Bringing Science Home, a program created in partnership with USF Health and The Patterson Foundation, developed resources to help start the dialogue. When it launched in 2010, Bringing Science Home began by focusing on the life-stage transitions of young adults with Type 1 diabetes. Seeing a need for tools and resources to help more young people with chronic conditions thrive, the program expanded to include young adults living with asthma. 

Led by former Miss America Nicole Johnson, the Students with Asthma organizations was formed in July 2011. Since then, Bringing Science Home created reference resources and tools for students living with asthma and their loved ones.

Asthma Action Plan – This resource is for friends, roommates and others who interact on a regular basis with people living with asthma. The card helps people understand what to do when an attack comes on.

Understanding Life with Asthma: Love and Support – Relationships are important for people living with chronic conditions. This resource outlines tips and considerations for romantic relationships.

For more Students with Asthma resources, please visit Bringing Science Home online

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