Photo: Debra Jacobs, President and CEO of The Patterson Foundation, and Jonathan Fleece, President and CEO of Tidewell Hospice.

Sharing a Commitment to Honor, Serve, and Support Veterans

Posted on May 10, 2022 by Debbie Mason, CFRE, APR, CPRC, Fellow PRSA President, Tidewell Foundation EVP, Tidewell Hospice
When it comes to caring for our veterans and military families, the Tidewell Foundation and Tidewell Hospice know firsthand the difference we can make by demonstrating our understanding of their experience — of what they have lost, what they have achieved, and what they have created and safeguarded for everyone in our nation and beyond who holds freedom dear. Sharing those experiences with people in our region, regardless of their prior connection to our military, has the potential to elevate our collective understanding of the true meaning of the contributions made by our service members and their loved ones — contributions that continually shape our daily lives on the Suncoast.

That commitment to telling these stories of service and sacrifice is one we share with The Patterson Foundation, a community asset Tidewell has been blessed to partner with on several initiatives throughout the past decade. Recently, that shared commitment created the opportunity for the Tidewell Foundation to offer a dignified home for a piece of artwork that once stood within Patriot Plaza, the ceremonial amphitheater at Sarasota National Cemetery funded by The Patterson Foundation. The piece, entitled “Legacy,” was the second such monument generously donated by The Patterson Foundation to Tidewell in as many years.

We are so honored to be the first nonprofit recipient of The Patterson Foundation’s donation of these refurbished pieces of art from Patriot Plaza. The first piece, “Support,” was installed at the Tidewell Hospice Sarasota administrative building on Rand Road on January 23, 2020. The second piece, “Legacy,” features a photo of Capt. Lorne McDonald, U.S. Navy Reserve, with his squadron. It was unveiled on March 24, 2022, and now stands proudly in the Tidewell Foundation’s lobby as a testament to our commitment to veterans. The titles of each piece are fitting references to the essence of what we do — Tidewell Hospice exists to support those living with chronic or advanced illnesses, and the Tidewell Foundation was created to preserve and support the Tidewell legacy of care and compassion in perpetuity.

The contributions of both beautiful pieces of art memorializing those who have served our country are incredibly meaningful to the Tidewell Foundation — highlighting our commitment to serving, celebrating, and honoring military veterans in our community. Since its inception in 2008, the Tidewell Honors Veterans Program has served more than 21,000 veterans in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties, providing specialized care that recognizes the unique challenges that may exist in military families. Trained veteran volunteers bring their own military experiences to their hospice work.

The program also respectfully celebrates veterans and their service to our country. Volunteer veterans conduct pinning ceremonies across the Tidewell Foundation’s service area to thank veterans for their service.

For more than 40 years, Tidewell has made a profound impact on the lives of thousands of patients and families across southwest Florida. Honoring and caring for our veterans when they need it most is an essential part of our mission. There are more than 100,000 veterans living in our region, and Sarasota National Cemetery provides a final resting place for more than 20,000 veterans and their eligible family members. Just as The Patterson Foundation creates opportunities to strengthen our region’s connection to individuals who serve in our nation’s armed forces through Patriot Plaza, the Tidewell Foundation and Tidewell Hospice endeavor to maintain and preserve the tradition of service in our country and uplift the invaluable contributions of our veterans and military families.

The Tidewell Foundation and Tidewell Hospice are grateful to The Patterson Foundation for contributing both pieces of art. They will connect our patients, families, donors, visitors, and employees to the incredible stories of service and sacrifice they convey and our shared commitment to honor and serve veterans in our community.

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